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By Max Animal Hides and Taxidermy

Discover the fascinating world of By Max: Where Art and Nature Meet

In the heart of Helmond, the Netherlands, lies a unique treasure trove where art and nature come together in a way that is both enchanting and intriguing. By Max, a well-known company specializing in the sale of animal hides and taxidermy, welcomes visitors to both its physical store and its online platform, where an extensive assortment is waiting to be discovered.

The centerpiece of By Max's range are the beautiful animal hides the company offers. From luxurious cow hides to warm reindeer hide and soft sheep hide, each piece is carefully selected to ensure both beauty and quality. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your interior or just looking for a piece of natural splendor to brighten up your home, By Max has something for everyone.

But the magic of By Max goes beyond animal hides. Enter the fascinating world of taxidermy, where the assortment ranges from tiny birds to imposing lions, tigers and bears. With between 400 and 500 different animals, there is an amazing variety to choose from. Each stuffed animal is crafted with skill and dedication, with every detail meticulously captured to preserve the natural beauty of the animal.

But By Max offers more than just traditional taxidermy. The company also embraces the art of taxidermy with an assortment of butterflies, skulls and even skeletons. For those looking for something unique, By Max also offers replica taxidermy, allowing lovers of natural beauty to enjoy exquisite pieces without the ethical concerns sometimes associated with traditional taxidermy.

What makes By Max truly special is the combination of its online presence and physical store. While the webshop serves customers from all over the world, the store at Rooseindsestraat 54 Helmond invites people to experience the wonders of nature up close. Here, customers can feel the textures, admire the details and be inspired by the amazing diversity of By Max's assortment.

Whether you are a lover of natural splendor, a collector of unique pieces or simply looking for something special to beautify your home, By Max offers an experience that is both captivating and unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the magic of art and nature and discover the wonders By Max has to offer.

Visit By Max online today at their website or visit their store in Helmond and be enchanted by the splendor of the natural world as you have never seen it before.

Rental of Taxidermy

Renting taxidermy from By Max: A unique touch for your event

In the world of event planning and design, we are constantly looking for unique ways to bring our creations to life. What if we told you there was an element that could add both beauty and history to your next presentation, museum exhibit or film set? At "By Max Animal Hides and Taxidermy," we now offer the opportunity to rent our beautiful taxidermy, leaving your event or project with an unforgettable impression.

Why rent taxidermy?

Taxidermy have always held a special place in the world of art, history and design. They represent a unique intersection of natural beauty and craftsmanship. By incorporating a stuffed animal into your presentation or set:

  1. Adds authenticity: Especially for historical exhibits or films, taxidermy can add a sense of realism and authenticity.
  2. Create a visual spectacle: The detail and craftsmanship of a stuffed animal are second to none and can capture the attention of your audience.
  3. Tell a story: Each stuffed animal has its own story, and this can add an extra dimension to your presentation or film.

How does it work?

At 'By Max' we have a wide range of taxidermy, from exotic birds to majestic mammals. The process of renting is simple and transparent:

  1. Selection: Browse our collection and select the animal (or animals) that best suits your needs.
  2. Consultation: Contact us to discuss the details of your event or project. Our team can advise on the best choices based on your theme and space.
  3. Delivery & Installation: We provide safe delivery and installation of the stuffed animal at your location, ensuring the integrity and safety of the piece.
  4. Return: After the rental period ends, we will take care of the safe disassembly and return of the piece.

Why By Max?

Our taxidermy are not only aesthetically beautiful, but are also restored and maintained with the highest care and craftsmanship. By choosing "By Max," you are choosing:

  • Quality: Our pieces are museum quality, meaning they have been prepared and preserved to the highest standards.
  • Diversity: Our extensive collection offers a wide range of choices suitable for different themes and settings.
  • Expertise: Our team has in-depth knowledge of taxidermy and can advise you on the best way to integrate the pieces into your space.

Whether it's a temporary museum exhibit, a film set or a special presentation, our taxidermy can add that touch of magic and authenticity that will enchant your audience. Contact us today and find out how "By Max Animal Hides and Taxidermy" can transform your next project.

Restoration of Taxidermy

Restoring stuffed animals: a second life for special pieces

At "By Max Animal Hides and Taxidermy," we have a deep passion for the preservation and restoration of taxidermy. Each piece has its own story, its own history. But like everything else in life, taxidermy can show signs of wear and tear. Our mission is to give these special pieces a second life. In this blog, we dive deeper into the art of stuffed animal restoration.

The importance of restoration

Taxidermy are more than just decorative objects. They are often a reflection of the natural world, a snapshot of an animal's beauty in its best form. With time, however, decay and wear can occur. Discoloration, loss of fur or feathers, and damage can rob the piece of its original luster. This is where the art of restoration comes in.

The restoration process

At "By Max," we approach each piece as a unique project. The first step is always a thorough evaluation. We look at the overall condition, any damage and what materials are needed for restoration.

  1. Cleaning: The piece is carefully cleaned to remove dirt and dust. This can be done with special brushes, soft cloths and, if necessary, special cleaners that do not damage the skin or feathers.

  2. Repair: Any tears or holes in the skin are expertly repaired. In doing so, we use techniques that ensure the repairs are barely visible.

  3. Replacement: If certain parts are too damaged, such as feathers or pieces of fur, they can be replaced. We strive to use materials as close to the original as possible.

  4. Preservation: To ensure that the stuffed animal will last for many years to come, the piece is treated with preservatives. This helps to protect the animal from further wear and tear and external factors.

  5. Finishing touch: Finally, the eyes are re-shined, the coat or feathers re-styled and the entire piece is inspected to ensure it meets our high standards.

The value of restoration

By restoring a stuffed animal, we not only restore the piece to its original beauty, but also honor the animal and its place in the natural world. It is a way of showing respect for nature and the art of taxidermy.

At "By Max Animal Hides and Taxidermy," we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and the care we take with each piece we restore. When you choose restoration, you choose to preserve history, art and natural beauty.

Do you have a stuffed animal that needs some love and care? Then contact us and let's work together to bring that special piece back to life.

What can you do with a dead animal?

If you find a dead animal or you are a breeder, breeder or owner of an animal you can sell it. We are always looking for beautiful or special animal species. So if you are an owner of (for example) parrots, toucans, deer or other birds or mammals we might be interested. The most important thing is to let the animal cool down, then you can be sure it has died. When the animal has cooled down you should put it in a plastic bag and then put it in the freezer. Finally, you can contact us through the contact page or by phone, we will see if we can put your animal up.

Thus, the animal is given a second life.

If you have any other questions about a deceased animal please feel free to contact us.

What is taxidermy?

Taxidermy is the stuffing of dead animals or other products from flora and fauna. This is not as pathetic as most people think. We only sell animals that have died by hunting or natural death and can be proven to be legal. Hunting does not mean poaching animals but shooting them due to nuisance/over population. In the Veluwe, for example, there is a large surplus of wild boar. These pigs cause a lot of nuisance and are dangerous to people. Because of this, hunters are allowed, with a permit, to shoot boars. The meat of these pigs is eaten and the skin is then waste. We make sure that this skin is not thrown away but is then used for a nice stuffed animal.

We also regularly have exotic animals such as a: Bald Eagle, Toucan, Lion, Wolf, Lynx and many more. These animals are not allowed to be shot, this is super well regulated. All these animals contain a Cites paper. This is a kind of passport of the animal, they have these for live and dead animals. The Cites regulation has been signed by 183 countries since 2016 and this is strictly enforced. Wild animals therefore do not get Cites papers, only animals from zoos or breeders get these papers. This means that poaching is not possible.

With all animals we sell you will receive an invoice and if necessary the Cites papers.

Which animal skin suits me best

Home decor often reflects the personality of the individual who lives there. Animal hides are a decorative approach that more and more people are using. Natural rugs contribute a unique flavor to any home. But this will lead to the question, "Which skin suits me best?".

This article will examine three important and decorative natural animal hide rugs.


A cowhide is the largest rug in our range. A cowhide is perfectly suited as a rug under a table, sofa or chair. However, cowhides are used for many more applications. For example, they are also used as wall coverings. Cowhides come in many colors and sizes and are always unique. You will never find the same cowhide at a friend's or acquaintance's house. Each skin has its own special spot or shape.

Reindeer hide

A reindeer hide is very soft in its hair. Therefore, reindeer hide are mainly used to put in a chair or sofa. A reindeer hide in a chair is immensely comfortable and provides a lot of warmth. The hairs of a reindeer hide provide a lot of insulation. This is because the hairs are hollow, this unfortunately also causes them to break and fall out. Therefore, we always advise our customers not to apply too much friction over a reindeer hide. This causes the hairs to fall out. There are many stories online about extreme hair loss. This is very dependent on the quality, we only sell A-quality and therefore it is not as bad as read online.

Sheep Hide

Sheep Hide are nice and soft and provide warmth to a chair or sofa. The hairs of a sheep hide do not fall out as much as a reindeer hide. This is why people often choose a sheep hide. A sheep hide can take a lot. For example, these skins are often left outside. A sheep hide cannot lie in the pouring rain but can handle a little water.


If you still have a question about which type of animal skin is best for you please feel free to email us at:

Cowhide rug - A timeless classic for your home

One thing that most people notice is that a cowhide rug is timeless. A cowhide is a great option for any type of home and it can add a sense of elegance to just about any room. Because of this, many homeowners make the choice to buy a cowhide rug.

Another advantage to using cowhide rug is that it goes with any type of floor. Whether you have a light or dark floor, a cowhide rug will always fit. You can place the rug under furniture. This then creates a classic look. You can also center the rug in the middle of the floor so that it stands out as a standalone piece. How you choose to use the cowhide is entirely up to you. Some people even use the rug on the wall as a decorative piece, which guarantees that it will be an important focal point.

When you make the decision to choose a cowhide, as a rug for a room, you are given many options to choose from. Your new rug is going to be a great focal point in the room, so take a good look at our web shop so you have seen everything.

More and more homeowners are deciding to go for a cowhide because of the timeless elegance and classic look that the rug will give to the space. You can use the rugs in a living room, home office or even in your bedroom to give the whole space a natural feel. We offer a wide selection of cowhide rugs for you to choose from, so you are sure to find your ideal cowhide rug from our wide selection. Your cowhide rug is easy to care for and will last for years, even if it is walked on a lot.

Reindeer hide - Beautiful warm tones for your home

Creating a warm and welcoming home is something many people strive for when decorating their homes. One of the best ways to achieve this is with the use of carefully chosen accessories. The right accessories can also help highlight the best features of any home.

Natural rugs can help create this type of look. Many types of animal hides are available on the market. One of the most popular is reindeer hide. A reindeer rug is a product used to create a warm atmosphere. Reindeer hide have many natural warm tones. A typical reindeer hide rug will have shades of brown, white and gray. Using such shades can bring warmth to any room. Warm colors help give a room the outdoors.

A reindeer hide can be placed in almost any part of the room. Reindeer hide rugs can be used on the floor of a room to ensure that it becomes a warm space. The rug can also serve as a focal point in the room. The rug can also be placed under a couch. Using a reindeer hide is ideal for ensuring that other warm tones in furniture, such as the subtle hints of brown in a leather sofa or the deep hue in a wood floor, look better.

Many people choose a reindeer hide rug to decorate a wall. A reindeer hide can easily be hung on the wall of a room. This allows the owner to show off the beautiful, warm tones found in the animal skin. Each reindeer hide has a different and unique pattern. Consider a reindeer hide for a room where texture, color and warm tones are needed.

Be careful not to walk over the hide too much as the hide is not suitable for that. A reindeer hide is a real showpiece. However, the hairs are hollow and will break/fall out with a lot of friction.

Cowhide rugs for your home

When you think about home decoration, cowhide rugs will not be the first thing that comes to mind. But maybe they should be. These rugs have a graceful beauty that can enhance one's home. Although the word "cow" might conjure up thoughts of toughness, these cowhides have a texture that is strong but comforting. For an old-world look or for a unique centerpiece for your home, you should be able to consider a cowhide rug.

Cow hides have been used for centuries and were especially popular in the Old West. However, cowhides are now used in all types of homes. From modern to rustic a cowhide is always beautiful.

Looking for a cowhide for your living room, bedroom or any other place where a cowhide can be the focal point? Please visit

Cowhide rugs are beautiful and can stand up as a major focal point for just about any room. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, this makes them very convenient to combine with your current decor.

While a lot of other rugs will break down from walking on them, these rugs will only get more beautiful. The price you pay for each cowhide is worth it, the years and years of use make for wonderful value for money.

Cowhide rugs have many beautiful aspects and can be used anywhere. Use a cowhide as a floor covering or as a wall decoration. They are colorful and varied, no two are ever exactly alike. These versatile rugs are a great addition to any home.

Cowhide rugs - The stylish rug

If you are looking for a way to add a rustic touch of beauty to your home then a cowhide is a wonderful choice. These attractive rugs can really finish off a room.

Cowhide rugs have several advantages. First of all, they are wonderful to look at. Each cowhide is unique, making each one a one-of-a-kind piece. These rugs are also very comfortable to walk on, this is because they have a very soft feel. Your feet will never complain about the smooth touch of these luxury rugs. Cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for people who suffer from allergies and other environmental irritants. They are also very durable. You can walk on them for years, and they will still be good. If you happen to spill something, it is easily fixed with a little soap and water. If the carpet gets dusty and dirty due to foot traffic, just shake it out and the problem is solved. Cleanliness may seem like a concern because many cowhide rugs have large white areas. However, these areas are easier to keep clean than a regular carpet.

Multiple cowhide rugs in a home can be a great way to complete the interior design. You can decide to get rugs with an equivalent look or you can choose hides that differ from each other.

If you want to add something to your interior that is immediately noticeable and memorable, a cowhide rug is an excellent choice. For visual appeal, comfort, practicality and overall artistic value, this is a purchase you are going to enjoy for a long time.