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By Max®: quality, exclusivity and reliability in Mounted Animals and Animal Hides.

Want to buy top quality taxidermy or animal hides? By Max provides you with a large assortment of taxidermy and animal hides. We have a large stock so everything is readily available through our online and physical store. In addition, with us you are sure to receive the taxidermy and animal hides you see in the picture in our web shop. All animals, furs and skins are therefore very unique. By Max's prices are very good because the skins come directly from the source. For example, the taxidermy come from zoos and/or breeding programs, the cowhides from South America, the reindeer hide from Scandinavia and the sheep skins from Eastern Europe.

Reindeer hide

Buy our rural animal hides

Give your home or office interior more inspiration and character. Your interior will impress your guests more when everything is well coordinated and you have chosen a beautiful rug made from animal skin. You can find various types of animal hides that you can buy through our online store. These furs and skins can be used as a rug on the couch or simply as a beautiful rug. This is how you transform a modern and sleek interior into one that radiates your personality and warmth. By Max has the finest assortment of animal hides namely:

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Complete your interior with our cushions

In the online store, in addition to rugs made of animal hides, you will also find various cushions. These pillows perfectly match the color and texture of the skins we offer. In addition, they are also very soft and great to sit or lie on.

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Are you looking forward to the idea of buying our beautiful country animal hides through our online store? So are we! Do you have a question regarding ordering or anything else? Let us know, because we are happy to help you. Of course, it is also possible to come by appointment at our location in Mierlo.

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