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"It is natural that one wishes to surround himself with animals,
That one quite possibly will never see in real life"
Sir David Attenborough
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At By Max animal hides from Helmond you can buy a stuffed animal for your home. We have all kinds of exclusive taxidermy for sale. Buying a stuffed animal head is a true addition to your interior and gives your home much more character. We have been focusing on exclusive taxidermy for years and sell various types of taxidermy in our online shop. With us you count on A-quality and all animals in our online shop for taxidermy are completely unique. You can of course buy a stuffed animal online, but it is also possible to visit us first. That way you can see if your favorite meets your expectations. Moreover, you will then have a complete picture of what is available at By Max animal hides.

What stuffed animal can you buy from us for your home?

In addition to animal hides of various types of animals, we also deal with exclusive taxidermy. These are taxidermy that you can buy from us. Generally it is mainly the stuffed animal head that you can buy from us, but in some cases we set up the whole animal. We try to keep all character traits and external features and to make the animal as perfect as possible. Good examples of animals where we perform exclusive taxidermy are deer, zebras, antelopes, bucks and many more. From all corners of the world you will find the finest taxidermy in our online shop.

Exclusive taxidermy and accessories

What kind of stuffed animal do you want to buy for your home? With us you can choose from a stuffed animal head of various animals when it comes to taxidermy, so there is something for everyone to buy. For example, in our online shop you will find exclusive taxidermy from:

  • Wildebeest
  • Deer
  • Mouflons
  • Reeboks

These are just a few examples. In our showroom in Helmond you will find many more animal species. Moreover, besides a stuffed animal, you can also buy other accessories from us, such as cowhide cushions and A-quality animal hides.

Unique and lifelike

All photos you see in our online shop of exclusive taxidermy, are really the photos of the stuffed animal head you want to buy and thus get in your home. So there are no surprises. Of course buying a stuffed animal for your home is very personal. Maybe you like one animal more than the other or you are more into details and you want to be sure that you buy for example the stuffed deer you like best. Therefore you can always make an appointment to visit our store to see the stuffed animal head first before you buy it. Then you will immediately have a clear picture of our range of taxidermy and you can see if taxidermy is really something you want to buy.

Find a beautiful stuffed animal online or in the showroom

Want to buy a stuffed animal for your home? You can find them at By Max animal hides online and in the showroom. We offer both small and large taxidermy. You can buy your stuffed animal online and have it delivered, but pick-up is our preference for taxidermy. Would you like to know more about our stuffed animal skins or do you have a question? Then feel free to contact us by calling 06 - 48 200 177 or sending an email to