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Welcome to the website of By Max

This is where art and nature come together to provide a unique experience for our customers. We are both a physical store and an online platform, specializing in selling taxidermy and animal hides of the highest quality.

Our Team Members:

Max - Owner and Procurement/Sales: Max is the driving force behind By Max. With a passion for natural beauty and a keen eye for quality, he is responsible for curating our extensive assortment. His dedication to finding the most stunning pieces ensures that our customers can always count on top quality products.

Frank - Staging, Restoration and Quality Control: Frank is our expert when it comes to staging, restoration and quality control. With years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the craftsmanship required to bring taxidermy to life, Frank ensures that every piece that leaves our store meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Erica - Shop Assistant, Butterfly Clothes and Packaging: Erica is our beaming face in the store. With her warm smile, she welcomes customers and is ready to help with all their questions and requests. In addition, Erica is a talented craftswoman who creates beautiful butterfly bells that are a unique and elegant accent to our assortment. She also ensures that each item is carefully packaged and shipped so that it arrives safely and undamaged to our customers.

Our Products: By Max offers a wide range of taxidermy and animal hides, ranging from beautiful cowhides and warm reindeer hide to impressive stuffed lions, tigers and bears. Each piece is carefully selected and crafted to preserve the natural beauty of the animal.

Our Location: You can find our store at Rooseindsestraat 54 in Helmond, The Netherlands. Here you can see our collection up close and personally meet our dedicated team. For those who prefer to store online, our webshop is always open for your convenience.

An Invitation: Whether you are a lover of natural splendor, a collector of unique pieces or just looking for something special to beautify your home, we welcome you to By Max. Visit us online today or stop by our store and be enchanted by the splendor of the natural world as you've never seen it before.

By Max - Where Art and Nature Meet.


How it started:

I (Max Duymelinck) studied in Eindhoven at the Fontys Hogeschool. I studied business management for medium and small business, here I learned how to start and manage a business.

As a school assignment, I had to create a fictional company. However, I liked this so much that I went ahead with the idea I had. This grew into a fun/beautiful company in a short time.

I focus on the import and resale of animal hides. The idea of importing and reselling animal hides came from my father (Frank Duymelinck). My father used to own the company called "De Lederratie", this was a furniture and car upholstery company that worked exclusively with leather. In addition, my father also traded in leather and animal hides. Because of this history, business relationships and experience, I also entered the market.

I think it is very important that the cow hides, sheep hide and other animal hides come from the meat industry.

In 2021, my father and I were introduced to Taxidermy / taxidermy. My father likes his work (taxidermist) so much that he started focusing on making and restoring taxidermy. When making and selling taxidermy, it is very important that the animals have the correct papers. For example, a tiger may be sold provided it has some sort of passport (Cites A1 document). We find this extremely important as we are very much against poaching.