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Which animal skin suits me best

Home decor often reflects the personality of the individual who lives there. Animal hides are a decorative approach that more and more people are using. Natural rugs contribute a unique flavor to any home. But this will lead to the question, "Which skin suits me best?".

This article will examine three important and decorative natural animal hide rugs.


A cowhide is the largest rug in our range. A cowhide is perfectly suited as a rug under a table, sofa or chair. However, cowhides are used for many more applications. For example, they are also used as wall coverings. Cowhides come in many colors and sizes and are always unique. You will never find the same cowhide at a friend's or acquaintance's house. Each skin has its own special spot or shape.

Reindeer hide

A reindeer hide is very soft in its hair. Therefore, reindeer hide are mainly used to put in a chair or sofa. A reindeer hide in a chair is immensely comfortable and provides a lot of warmth. The hairs of a reindeer hide provide a lot of insulation. This is because the hairs are hollow, this unfortunately also causes them to break and fall out. Therefore, we always advise our customers not to apply too much friction over a reindeer hide. This causes the hairs to fall out. There are many stories online about extreme hair loss. This is very dependent on the quality, we only sell A-quality and therefore it is not as bad as read online.

Sheep Hide

Sheep Hide are nice and soft and provide warmth to a chair or sofa. The hairs of a sheep hide do not fall out as much as a reindeer hide. This is why people often choose a sheep hide. A sheep hide can take a lot. For example, these skins are often left outside. A sheep hide cannot lie in the pouring rain but can handle a little water.


If you still have a question about which type of animal skin is best for you please feel free to email us at:

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