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Rental of Taxidermy

Renting taxidermy from By Max: A unique touch for your event

In the world of event planning and design, we are constantly looking for unique ways to bring our creations to life. What if we told you there was an element that could add both beauty and history to your next presentation, museum exhibit or film set? At "By Max Animal Hides and Taxidermy," we now offer the opportunity to rent our beautiful taxidermy, leaving your event or project with an unforgettable impression.

Why rent taxidermy?

Taxidermy have always held a special place in the world of art, history and design. They represent a unique intersection of natural beauty and craftsmanship. By incorporating a stuffed animal into your presentation or set:

  1. Adds authenticity: Especially for historical exhibits or films, taxidermy can add a sense of realism and authenticity.
  2. Create a visual spectacle: The detail and craftsmanship of a stuffed animal are second to none and can capture the attention of your audience.
  3. Tell a story: Each stuffed animal has its own story, and this can add an extra dimension to your presentation or film.

How does it work?

At 'By Max' we have a wide range of taxidermy, from exotic birds to majestic mammals. The process of renting is simple and transparent:

  1. Selection: Browse our collection and select the animal (or animals) that best suits your needs.
  2. Consultation: Contact us to discuss the details of your event or project. Our team can advise on the best choices based on your theme and space.
  3. Delivery & Installation: We provide safe delivery and installation of the stuffed animal at your location, ensuring the integrity and safety of the piece.
  4. Return: After the rental period ends, we will take care of the safe disassembly and return of the piece.

Why By Max?

Our taxidermy are not only aesthetically beautiful, but are also restored and maintained with the highest care and craftsmanship. By choosing "By Max," you are choosing:

  • Quality: Our pieces are museum quality, meaning they have been prepared and preserved to the highest standards.
  • Diversity: Our extensive collection offers a wide range of choices suitable for different themes and settings.
  • Expertise: Our team has in-depth knowledge of taxidermy and can advise you on the best way to integrate the pieces into your space.

Whether it's a temporary museum exhibit, a film set or a special presentation, our taxidermy can add that touch of magic and authenticity that will enchant your audience. Contact us today and find out how "By Max Animal Hides and Taxidermy" can transform your next project.

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