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What is taxidermy?

Taxidermy is the stuffing of dead animals or other products from flora and fauna. This is not as pathetic as most people think. We only sell animals that have died by hunting or natural death and can be proven to be legal. Hunting does not mean poaching animals but shooting them due to nuisance/over population. In the Veluwe, for example, there is a large surplus of wild boar. These pigs cause a lot of nuisance and are dangerous to people. Because of this, hunters are allowed, with a permit, to shoot boars. The meat of these pigs is eaten and the skin is then waste. We make sure that this skin is not thrown away but is then used for a nice stuffed animal.

We also regularly have exotic animals such as a: Bald Eagle, Toucan, Lion, Wolf, Lynx and many more. These animals are not allowed to be shot, this is super well regulated. All these animals contain a Cites paper. This is a kind of passport of the animal, they have these for live and dead animals. The Cites regulation has been signed by 183 countries since 2016 and this is strictly enforced. Wild animals therefore do not get Cites papers, only animals from zoos or breeders get these papers. This means that poaching is not possible.

With all animals we sell you will receive an invoice and if necessary the Cites papers.