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1767 Springbok Black

SKU: 1767 Springbok Black H116W60D114

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Mounted Black Springbok: Elegant Grace for Your Interior

A fascinating variant of the common springbok, the black springbok is known for its stunning, deep black fur. If you are looking for a unique addition to your collection or interior, this beautiful stuffed specimen is the perfect choice.

The Springbok, whose scientific name is Antidorcas marsupialis, is found naturally in the grasslands of Southern Africa. They are adapted to both dry and somewhat humid areas. The black color variant is less common in the wild and has a unique dark hue that contrasts with the species' normally light brown and white coats. It is important to note that this dark coloration is a result of a rare gene and not the result of environmental factors.

The stuffed specimen we offer is crafted with extreme precision and craftsmanship, with every detail of the springbok carefully recreated. The gleam in the eyes, the streamlined shape of the horns and the rich texture of the fur make this product a true work of art.

Now for an interesting fact about the springbok: despite their modest size, these animals are known for their impressive jumps, jumping up to 4 meters far and 3.5 meters high! These jumps, known as "showing off," are often performed as a sign of excitement or to scare off predators.

Having a stuffed black springbok in your space is not only a tribute to the wonders of African wildlife, but it also tells a story of rarity and beauty in the natural world. It is a timeless reminder of the wonders of nature that surround us and the amazing variety within a single species.

For collectors, nature lovers or those simply looking for a unique statement-piece, this stuffed black springbok is undoubtedly a beautiful and meaningful acquisition.


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