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1669 Reebok Summer Coat

SKU: 1669 Reebok Summer Coat H52W18D32

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Mounted Reebok in Summer Coat: A Majestic Piece of Nature

Imagine a lush forest on a summer morning, where the dew still glistens on the ferns and the soft light shines through the leaves. Out of the shadows steps a beautiful roebuck, its coat gleaming in the seasonal light, its posture proud and confident. This image of pure natural beauty is exactly what our stuffed doe in summer fur represents.

The roe deer, whose scientific name is Capreolus capreolus, is a welcome guest in Europe's forests. With its graceful, slender stature and distinctive facial markings, the roe deer is a symbol of the continent's serene beauty. Unlike many other deer, the roe deer undergoes an interesting change of coat color between seasons. In summer, the roe deer has a beautiful reddish-brown coat, which helps it adapt to the warmer months and stands out from its grayer winter coat.

This stuffed roebuck is a celebration of that summer season. The rich, reddish-brown hues of his fur are perfectly preserved, as are the refined details of his facial features and horns. The alert posture and vivid eyes make it feel as if he might jump up and away at any moment, a clever piece of craftsmanship by the taxidermist.

A fascinating fact about the roe deer is its excellent hearing. Although his eyes already give him a wide field of vision, his swiveling ears allow him to pick up sounds from almost any direction. This sensory advantage makes the roe deer a master at detecting potential predators or other dangers.

With this piece you bring into your home not only a piece of nature, but also a story of the seasons, of survival, and of the wonders of European forests. It is an ideal piece for nature lovers, hunters, or anyone who appreciates the aesthetics of the wild. It guarantees admiring glances and conversations, and it is sure to claim a central place in your space. This stuffed roebuck is more than just a decorative object; it is a window into the natural world and its unparalleled splendor.


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