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1486 Lapland owl

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Mounted Lapland Owl: The Mystery of the North

The snowy wilderness of Lapland, with its vast tundra and nights filled with northern lights, is home to many wonders. One of those wonders is the majestic Lapland Owl, a bird that embodies the cold, silent beauty of the Arctic landscape.

The Lapland Owl, scientifically known as Strix nebulosa, is one of the largest owl species. With its impressive wingspan, keen eyesight and sophisticated camouflage plumage, this owl is perfectly adapted to life in the northern forests. Its plumage, a mixture of white and dark stripes and patches, reflects the play of shadow and light among the trees of its forested habitat.

An intriguing fact about the Lapland Owl is its surprisingly soft call. Unlike the shrill cries of many other owls, the Lapland Owl has a deep and resonant call that echoes through the silent forests. This call is often described as a series of soft, piercing "eagle owl" sounds that can be heard from far away on cold, still nights.

Our carefully mounted specimen of the Lapland Owl is a beautiful celebration of this impressive predator. Every feather, every detail of its face, has been captured with an accuracy that reflects the true essence of the bird. It is as if the owl could fly up at any moment, spreading its wings and traversing the icy skies of the north.

This showpiece is not only a tribute to the Lapland Owl himself, but also to the wild, untouched landscapes in which he lives. Placing this stuffed owl in your space is like opening a window to the Arctic wilderness, a world of snow, ice and starlight. It is a silent witness to the magic and mystery of nature, a symbol of the distant, cold places on our planet where wilderness still reigns.

Whether you are an avid birder, a collector of unique objects, or simply an admirer of the natural world, this stuffed specimen of the Lapland Owl will undoubtedly occupy a central place in your collection and your heart. It is a reminder of the beauty and power of nature, even in the most hostile environments.


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